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TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-

Planned Release Date:
TBD 2017
Xbox One and Windows 10
TorqueL is a unique 2D spinning action game. The player roll and stretch to move a character-contained box toward the goal. The concept of the game is simple; you will move the box to the goal in each stage (chamber). But that doesn’t mean its not challenging. Even though it is a simple 2D action game, this game offers a very new experience when using the buttons of your controller to move and stretch the box. There are various obstacles on the route where you cannot get over only by rolling and stretching the box. You manipulate your extended box to jump and fly across a layout for higher and farther away, which makes it a new kind of challenge as you need to control the buttons carefully to move the rod-shaped box; the physics and torque are the interesting elements in this game. There are seven basic routes and a secret route, and in total there are 50 stages. Another attraction of this game is the background music. Denji Sano (a.k.a. Sanodg), one of the famous game music composers, composed the music which plays uniquely by interacting with the move of the box. Note: "TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-" is based on the physical behavior changed by the development environment update for technical requirements, adjusted so that the experience equivalent to the original "TorqueL" can be obtained.
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