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Daymare: 1998

Planned Release Date:
Q2 2018
Xbox One and Windows 10
“Daymare: 1998” is a hybrid product that encloses the mood of the 90s iconic cinematographic brands in a classical gloomy survival horror game, focusing on a complex narrative structure that is based on a multi-character point of view. As the title of the game suggests, “Daymare: 1998” is meant to bring back the atmosphere, the feeling and the mood of the 80s' and 90s' most beloved video games and movies. In those years, we saw the boom of the horror genre. From an artistic point of view, “Daymare: 1998” is inspired by those movie and game productions. What emerges from this mix is a constant and oppressive sense of danger, helplessness, and fear conveyed by an extremely suggestive and creepy setting - a typical dirty and chaotic American little town as depicted in many productions of the 90s. Gameplay wise, “Daymare: 1998” is a third person survival horror with over the shoulder camera, hardcore survival mechanics, hard to kill enemies and strategical approach to combat and puzzles, with a multi-character point of view story and a deep and obscure lore. “Daymare:1998” was born from the idea to bring back the classic survival horror game that longtime players love. The project, as previously explained, has a strong nostalgic component linked to the 90s, and seeks to bring back those feelings of excitement and anxiety that titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill had, with a new and eye-catching graphics. The game has a strong narrative component, which draws on past events that actually happened and theories like "What if ...?". The retrospective narrative of the title is the pillar that governs the narration of the in-game events, everything is connected and is slowly shown to the player, in a crescendo of situations that leads him to understand what’s going on until the final epilogue, where a much more personal situation will put the player in a difficult position. The plot unfolds through the eyes of different characters, putting the player in the shoes of different personalities that will guide him through doubts and theories. The gameplay follows the classic styles of the genre, getting numerous contaminations from several classic titles, more or less recent. “Daymare:1998” is hard, it’s thought to bring the player to think about the next move, of which resource to keep and which one to use or leave behind, because the enemies are tough and dangerous, and you can’t just shoot to get rid of them. A bit of tactical approach is required to overcome the various situations in which the player will be found, and the use of the environment will be essential in order to survive... or die!
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